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Rather than a long and boring explanation of who we are and what we do, we thought it might be better if we did a frequently asked questions section. (even though we’ve never been asked them)

Q. What sort of events do you promote?

A. Good question, at the minute we mainly promote comedy shows. That doesn’t mean we’re not open to putting on other types of shows in the future.

Q. Where are you based?

A. We are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. You’ll find that most of our events will be in and around Belfast as well, although we will sometimes be programming shows further afield.

Q. I have a club/venue/festival and want to run a comedy night. Can you help?

A. Why yes we can! We can help with a one-off show or help book a full run/festival. Just send us through all the details and we’ll go from there.

Q. Who have you worked with in the past?

A. We’ve booked all sorts of acts for all sorts of events. Our biggest and most notable customers to date have been, Queen’s Belfast Festival, Out To Lunch, Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival and Queen’s Students’ Union. We have a vast range of contacts and have booked lots of household names over the past 10 years.

Here’s an example to show the caliber of some of the acts we’ve booked (in no particular order): Tommy Tiernan, Jason Byrne, Sarah Millican, Adam Buxton, Sara Pascoe, Kevin Bridges, David O’Doherty, Jon Richardson, Tony Law, Tom Stade, Ardal O’Hanlon and many more!

Q. Why is your logo a picture of a Monster?

A. Glad you asked! There’s logic behind the logo. The monster is actually called Mash and he’s holding fireworks, hence Fireworks and Mash.

Ok, we’ve run out of questions, but we’ll update this when we think of some more. Or even better why don’t you ask us some real ones. Just fire us a mail via our contact us form.


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